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Small Shifts Anthology Launches Today!

It's launch day for the Small Shifts: short stories of fantastical transformations! My short story "The Thief Who Stole the Sun" is featured in this fantasy anthology all about shape shifters and you can now officially own it.

The paperback book is available for purchase as of today at retails like Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more. It may also be available in local bookstores soon, so stay tuned for that.

Find the full list here:

"The Thief Who Stole the Sun" is an urban fantasy short story following a shape shifter on a daring, and humorous, heist. It features one of my favourite animals, the racoon! The book features eleven other wonderful stories. Two of my personal favourites are "Hare Raising" by Lee F. Patrick, a spooky story featuring taxidermy and (you guessed it) a hare, and "It was Time" by Patricia Llody, which features a shifter turning into a jellyfish. If you like urban fantasy, and especially shape shifters, there's something for everyone in this anthology.

In other news, it's just been announced that my story "The Many Reflections of Gillian Marshall" is going to be featured in Tree and Stone Magazine this September. So look forward to that as well!

Happy Reading this summer friends!


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