Plays by Andrew G. Cooper

Frankenstein by Andrew G. Cooper, based on the book by Mary Shelley


Cast: 6 - 16 | 105 min.| Genre:  Mystery/thriller, science fiction, tragedy, period

Frankenstein presents the tragedy of young Victor Frankenstein and the grotesque monster who haunts him in this new adaptation of Mary Shelley's spine-chilling Gothic classic. Victor is obsessed with discovering the secrets of science and nature, but nothing can prepare him for what he brings to life one dark night in the heart of winter. So begins a life or death adventure as Victor battles the demon he creates and the demons inside himself.

"Chimera Theatre’s rendition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a chilling look at the dark downsides of science. The production will leave you questioning who is the true monster?” — Cailyn Mocci, The Omega


Production Workshop - Jupiter Theatre, October 2021
Workshop and Reading - Red Deer Players, June 2019

Reading - New Vintage Theatre, October 2018

World Premiere- Chimera Theatre, February 2018

Workshop/Reading - Chimera Theatre, August 2017



Cast: 1 - 16 | 10 min. | Genre: Thriller, Tragedy

Dispatch explores the work of one of the unseen heroes of our cities: an Emergency Communications Officer. They are there when your worst nightmares come to life and listen when your world comes crashing down…but what is it like on the other side of a 9-1-1 call?


Finalist - King's Shorts Festival of Ten Minute Plays - June 2020 

Production - Short + Sweet Festival Sydney - January - April 2020

Production - American School of Dubai/Short + Sweet Festival Dubai - January - March 2020

Production - Newmarket National Play Festival - July 2019

Production - 10-Minute Playwriting Competition - Theatre New Vintage, February 2019

The Grind 


Cast: 2 | 10 min. | Genre:  Romantic Comedy, Drama

She likes reading and coffee. He likes tea and writing. They meet. The grow together. They grow apart. Five years of a relationship goes by in the blink of an eye, and then what?


Production - Short + Sweet Sydney Festival, April 2018

First Place in Judge's Choice and Second Place in People's Choice for Wildcard Series 4

Third Place for Judge's Choice for Wildcard Finals

Production - 10-Minute Playwriting Competition - Theatre New Vintage, February 2017

First Place

Commissioned and Premiere Production - High-Wire Festival of Innovation, Western Canada Theatre, October 2016

Other Deaths of the Universe


Cast: 1| 60 min.| Genre:  One-Man Cosmological Exploration

All things must die. Plants, people, planets, even the universe itself will one day come to an end. Blending cosmology and storytelling, this performance explores connection and disconnection, relationships and loneliness. Come on a journey of science and sex to explore the universe from its inception to its inevitable fate as Andrew takes the five leading theories on how the universe will end and compares them to how his last five relationships came to an end. 


Production - Hydra Performing Arts Festival, May/June 2019

Runner Up for Bravest Show Award

Production - Common Ground Festival, May 2019

The Untold Tales of the Brothers Grimm


Cast: 6 - 26| 75 min. or 105 min.| Genre:  Fairy Tale Adaptation, Comedy

The Untold Tales of the Brothers Grimm is a fast-paced, zany comedy that involves Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, along with their family, performing five usually untold Grimm Fairy Tales. Over the course of the show, they present over 50 different characters in their epic retelling of these lesser-known Grimm stories. The play is filled with singing, dance, masks, puppets and many memorable characters with everything from soldiers to kings, bears to giants, devils to witches and princes to queens. There's a little bit for everyone! The Untold Tales of the Brothers Grimm will have you laughing out loud and begging for more.

"Cooper’s script was well-written, entertaining and funny. His untold tales were clever, inventive and creative and seemed fresh in comparison to better-known worlds like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, towing the line between funny and heart-felt.” -- Adam Williams, Kamloops This Week

"What I loved most about this show was the stories. I am definitely not up-to-date on my Brothers Grimm, and I enjoyed both the hearing of new stories and the verve with which they were presented." — The Marble


Production - Victoria Fringe Festival, August 2015

Premiere Production - Chimera Theatre, April 2015

Workshop Production - Thompson Rivers University Drama and Theatre Club, April 2014

One Day


Cast: 2 | 30 min. | Genre:  Paranormal, romantic comedy

Two teenagers find themselves in a supposedly haunted house one dark Halloween night. Together they struggle to find out the truth of the house, but end up discovering more about themselves. This one act play is fun and upbeat, but also explores aspects of the human condition such as a longing for belonging and the inevitability of death.

"...a ghostly, poignant love extremely well-crafted and acted piece of theatre." — Eli Geddis,


Production - Paragon Festival/Otherworld Theatre, November 2019

Production - The Kamloops Players Society, February 2016

Premiere Production - Outskirts Theatre Festival, August 2014



Cast: 4 - 5 | 10 min. | Genre:  Absurd Comedy

Mike arrives late for his first support group meeting for peoples with phobias. Unfortunately, something unexpected at the meeting triggers the very phobia that he’s there to try and deal with.


Production - 10-Minute Playwriting Competition - Theatre New Vintage, February 2019



Cast: 6 - 15 | 105 min. | Genre:  Superhero Comedy

In an alternate earth where superhuman abilities have become increasingly common, a team of young not-so-super heroes get caught up in mystery that could shatter the world they live in. Someone has broken into the Superhero Registry Database of the Department of Superhuman Affairs and now superheroes everywhere live in fear of their weaknesses and secret identities being revealed. It's up to the young heroes with mediocre superpowers to set things back to how they were or choose to alter the course of superhuman history forever. Riotously fun and entertaining, this comedy is filled with mistaken identities, physical comedy, hijinks and superhero fight scenes.

"The creative choreography of the scenes that do involve powers is engaging and as believable as can be in any superhero story." — Marlys Klossner, The Omega


Premiere Production - Chimera Theatre, March 2016

Workshop - Chimera Theatre, September 2015

Advent and Asunder


Cast: 6 - 8 | 120 min. | Genre: Drama, Speculative Fiction, Hard Science Fiction

What would happen to the world if we discovered that intelligent, extraterrestrial life existed in our solar system?


Commission - New Play Commission Program - Verb Theatre, June 2021