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My Short Story is Being Published in Tree and Stone Magazine

Looks like 2022 is quickly becoming the year of fiction writing for me. After the delightful news that my first short story is being published in the Small Shifts anthology, I just got news that Tree and Stone Magazine, a literary magazine from the U.S., is buying my story "The Many Reflections of Gillian Marshall". The story was very personal to write and I'm pleased that it's going to be shared with a wide audience in the September edition of the magazine.

The short story is a queer exploration of the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. It follows a lighthouse keeper named Gillian Marshall as she battles with grief that hits her life like a storm.

Here's a lovely little message from the magazine's website about the kind of stories Tree and Stone publishes:

Tales of magic and wonder. Nature is art. Nature is magic. Fiction and art can celebrate nature and inspire wonder in us the way nature can. We want to showcase work about life, the world, and experiences.

I still have dreams of having a novel published in the future, so I guess my advice on starting with short stories is really paying off for now!

A green dragon looks at sunlight streaming through the foliage of a dense green forest.
Cover of the May 2022 Issue of Tree and Stone Magazine

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