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Dispatch is going to be Produced at the 2020 Short + Sweet Sydney Festival!

I'm quite fond of this thrilling little play. I wrote Dispatch last October as I was getting in the mood for Halloween and after that's it's gone on to great success. It was a finalist in Theatre New Vintage's 2019 Play Competition and then went on to gain its first production in Ontario this past summer. After announcing that the play was shortlisted for two Short + Sweet Festivals around the world, I'm very pleased to announce that Dispatch will be receiving a production on the other side of the Pacific in Sydney, Australia early next year!

Kiana Woo, Katherine Cappellacci, Kayne Wylie in the NNPF 2019 production of Dispatch by Andrew G. Cooper. Directed by Trevor Curran. Scenic design, Ellen Brooker. Costume Design, Madeline Ius. Lighting Design, Christopher Pattenden. Photo: Jason Wighton.

I'm so happy people around the globe are getting to enjoy this play, which tackles the very serious subject of mental health issues, trauma, and PTSD experiences by Emergency Dispatchers. I'm excited to see how this production comes together.

Also, I just added a fun a fun map to my playwriting page so you can now see the productions of my scripts around the world. Go there and check it out!



Morpheus Theatre's Miracle on 34th Street opens in one week from today! I've been directing the show part-time since moving to Calgary in September and I'm so excited for people to finally come out and see it. We start tech week on Sunday and from there we're off to the races! This is a really beautiful holiday show and I'm very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many incredible artists on bringing it to life.

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