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Dispatch has been shortlisted TWICE and The Cooney Papers is running in Kamloops

In 2018, The Grind became my first play to be produced internationally when it was performed at the 2018 Sydney Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia. That play went on to win first place in Judge's Choice and second place in People's Choice in its series in the festival and Third Place for Judge's Choice in the Wildcard Finals for the entire festival. This week, I got more excited news about these great festivals!

The Grind by Andrew G. Cooper

The Grind. Performed at Theatre New Vintage's Black Cat Cabaret in 2017. Directed by Ashley Plomp.

Today I was notified that my latest 10-minute play Dispatch (which was produced for the first time this summer at the New Market National Play Festival, in New Market, Ontario) has been shortlisted for not one but two Short + Sweet Festivals for 2020! Dispatch is now on the list for Short + Sweet Dubai in Al Quoz, Dubai and Short + Sweet Sydney. So look out world, this little play might be coming to a continent near you!

Dispatch by Andrew G. Cooper

Kiana Woo, Katherine Cappellacci, Kayne Wylie in the NNPF 2019 production of Dispatch by Andrew G. Cooper. Directed by Trevor Curran. Scenic design, Ellen Brooker. Costume Design, Madeline Ius. Lighting Design, Christopher Pattenden. Photo: Jason Wighton.

In addition to this exciting news,The Cooney Papers, a show I researched and wrote for Tranquille Tunnel Theatre, is playing in Kamloops for another week! Here's what the company's website says about the production:

"Charles and Betsy Cooney settled at Tranquille in 1868 with their two year old daughter Katherine. Together they forged an empire on the shores of Kamloops Lake. Over their lives they built Canada’s largest horse herd, developed one of the finest ranches in BC, introduced BC apples to the Ontario market, and were the life and heartbeat of the community. The Cooney Papers chronicles the lives of Charles and Betsy from each of their births to the death of Charles in 1917. This innovative production combines video and live acting in front of a 36 foot curved screen set in front of the loading docks in the old Tranquille Laundry.Prepare your soul for the show as you walk through the tunnels viewing images that introduce you to the Cooney family. Immerse yourself in this story told through the lens of our cameras, voices from the past, live actors, and a soul rendering soundtrack."

This is my fifth script for Tranquille Tunnel Theatre and my second about the Cooney Family. In 2017 The Witness was about Betsy Cooney's grandchildren and the aftermath of death.

You can also read about the show in the Kamloops This Week article (Live action and film blended at Tranquille in new play) or watch a video about it from CFJC News Kamloops (New show chronicles the lives of some of Kamloops’ founding figures).



The cat is out of the bag! I'm participating in Jupiter Theatre's inaugural New Play Development Series this season and we're going to be worksopping a musical I'm writing!

The company's website currently says "More information on this currently untitled musical coming soon." I'm not going to spoil the surprise, but I can tell you that I've been hard at work and things are coming along very well. I've been wanting to write a musical for years now and I'm so excited to finally dive into something so new (and scary)! This story is one I find so compelling and all the research and reading I've been doing about it has been igniting so much passion about the project for me. I'm very excited to take the first step on this journey and I can hardly wait to show people what I've been up to this fall with my writing!

I'm finding the most common response to me saying "I'm writing a musical" is "congratulations". For some reason I find that incredibly funny and strange.

I'm also in the midst of directing Morpheus Theatre's upcoming holiday production of Miracle on 34th Street as part of their 25th Anniversary season. The show runs December 6th to 14th, 2019 at the Pumphouse Theatre here in Calgary, AB. I'm very eager for people to see this magical and beautiful show.

If you're in Calgary and want a holiday treat this December, come out to see it! Tickets are available online through Morpheus Theatre's Box Office.

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