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Frankenstein is Getting Rave Reviews at Jupiter Theatre!

My adaptation of Frankenstein opened on Saturday and so far the reviews and audience feedback have been tremendous!

Louis Hobson of the Calgary Herald called the show "powerful," "mesmerizing," and "a major accomplishment". He went on to write "Cooper is in his wheelhouse when it comes to the use of masks, puppets, shadows and movement. He creates an eerie, truly gothic ambience…"

Amy Couch, the Independent Critic, wrote the show was "beautiful to watch, and truly remarkable."

We also received a great deal of media attention leading up to the show, including coverage from Global TV, CTV, CBC, LiveWire Calgary, The Calgary Herald, Big Kitty Magazine, and BroadwayWorld. It's been great seeing the buzz around this production grow in the last few weeks.

For me, the best part has been hearing the audience feedback after the show each night at the theatre. It's genuinely touching to hear that people are moved by the show, that they enjoy the show, and that the show scares them at times! The in person relationship between those on stage and in the audience is why I love theatre, and having such immediate and direct feedback from audiences during the show and afterwards is a real treat.

This has been a very gratifying experience so far, and I'm excited to finish the run of the show this weekend. If you're in Calgary, you can still get tickets for our last four shows now:



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