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The New Spaces Anthology is Officially for Sale

Big news! New Spaces: an anthology of sci-fi short stories is now available for purchase in paperback and as an e-book. The book features my latest short story: "The Oberran Mycelium".

It follows an intrepid mycologist as she travels through a forest of giant fungi on a distant moon in search of an important scientific breakthrough—for the fourth and final time. I've been fascinated by fungi for a long time (and even more so after watching Cosmos: Possible Worlds, which is still one of my favourite TV series ever), and writing this story was a lot of fun. Plus, I just really love hard sci-fi!

And the best part? You can buy the book RIGHT NOW! Barnes & Nobles is carrying the paperback edition, and there's ten options for the e-book, including Indigo. You can find the full list, and get your own copy, right here:

As mentioned in a previous post, the cover art is inspired by my story. How neat!

If you get the book, I'd love to hear what you think of the story. Feel free to comment below or reach out to me via my contact page.

A figure in a space suit floats in a lounging pose above a background of fungi and spores.


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