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The Jungle Book is Now Running at Alberta Theatre Projects

What a wild ride it was playing in the jungle this winter at Alberta Theatre Projects. The show runs until the end of the December, so you still have time to see it in Calgary if you're around for the holidays! 🐅🐍🐘🦅🕷

As a special treat, here's the notes I wrote in the program as the associate director and puppet designer.

Here are some of the amazing photos of the puppets I designed for The Jungle Book!

Photos by Benjamin Laird. Set & Props Design by Brian Dudkiewicz. Lighting Design by Jessie Paynter. Costume Design by Deitra Kalyn. Video Design by Brendan Briceland. Associate Set & Props Design by Ryan Cormack. Puppets Design by ME. And a huge thank you to all the amazing and talented puppet builders and the props team at ATP for bringing these incredible animals to life.



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