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I'm Designing and Building Puppets for CYPT

When I was the producer at Ghost River Theatre, I shared an office at the West Village Theatre with a long-standing Calgary company called Calgary Young People's Theatre. Over the two and a half years we worked in proximity with each other, I never worked on one of their productions. Which is why I'm so pleased that I'm designing and building puppets for CYPT's upcoming production of A Little Princess!

Artistic Director Jamie Dunsdon is adapting and directing the play and I'm so pleased to be creating puppets for the young performers to bring to life. I'll be creating a colourful menagerie of jungle animals for the stage, including a stag, a hornbill, a crane, butterfilies, a monkey, and a full-sized elephant!

The production runs August 10 - 14 at the West Village Theatre in Calgary, AB. You can read all about it here:


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