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My Adaptation of Frankenstein is Getting a Production Workshop!

Halloween is almost here! It's spooky season, just in time for a classic Gothic thriller like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein! I'm currently in the midst of directing a three-week workshop of my adaptation of Frankenstein with Jupiter Theatre. We are in the West Village Theatre from October 4th to 10th experimenting with the text, technical elements, and movement on stage. And we're hosting two invited performances of the show to get feedback on this stage of development.

You can read more about the excellent team that's collaborating on this project on Jupiter Theatre's website:

It feels wonderful to be collaborating with other artists and to be back at creating theatre again! I'm very excited to see where this project goes in the future and how it continues to evolve.

If you want to stay up to date on this project or any of my other work, you can subscribe to my newsletter here:

Happy Halloween everyone!



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