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Perseus & Andromeda is Opening at the Hydra Performing Arts Festival

The inaugural Hydra Performing Arts Festival is coming to Kamloops and Perseus & Andromeda will have three performances! This show is so dear to me. It was originally created with Melissa Purcha, Maddison Hartloff, and Nich Gulycz for the 2016 Victoria Fringe Festival (where it was the runner-up for Best Show Design) and now we are re-creating and staging it with Joel Feenstra for the first time in Kamloops.

Perseus & Andromeda

The show mixes physical theatre with yoga, acrobatics, dance, and puppetry to bring the two-thousand year old myth of Andromeda back to life. Along with co-creating and directing the show, I have choreographed it and will be performing in it.

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