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“The kids howled with laughter at the flushing sound effects and Andrew Cooper's Pimm was equally humorous. Cooper is quickly becoming a fan-favourite amongst Kamloops theatregoers for his animation on stage -- and he didn't disappoint.”

- Jessica Klymchuk, Kamloops This Week

"Andrew Cooper pro­vided a standout performance and almost every line he delivered in an outstandingly funny French accent was greeted with a roar of laugh­ter from the audience."

-Cameron Doherty, The Omega

"Cooper, who plays Guy of Gisborne in X Fest’s The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, brought laughter to Sherwood Forest with a French accent that made almost any phrase funny, just for the way he said it... Cooper’s scenes with Stephen Sawka, who played the Sherriff of Notingham, were a highlight."

- Kamloops This Week

"There’s the flaky, self-obsessed king, and casting Andrew Cooper in the role was brilliant."

- Dale Bass, Kamloops This Week

"Cooper is equal to the considerable challenge of Shakespearean speech."

- Mike Youds, The Armchair Mayor News

“An understated scene that featured Akeson and Cooper was among the show’s highlights. In portraying two vultures — characters so minuscule to the plot they didn’t even get credits — the two riffed off each other with corny jokes funny enough to get the adults laughing while moving the story along.”

- Jessica Wallace, Kamloops This Week

"Cooper has what should be a minor role as the Monkey King and those scenes have him paired with Allandra Barton as the Wicked Witch of the West. She is another strong actor and the two of them together are a joy to watch.”

- Dale, BassKamloops This Week

"Cooper was excellent in his portrayal of Jacob Grimm..."

-Adam Williams, Kamloops This Week.

"Andrew Cooper and Kelsey Gilker are hilarious..."

-Dale Bass, Kamloops This Week

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The Robber Bridegroom by the Brothers Grimm

Chimera Theatre | Kamloops, BC

"gruesome enough to have you hiding your eyes...The Robber Bridegroom took what was already an eerie fairy tale to a new level by layering on the audience’s own consciousness...and had even skeptical audience members on the edge of their seats and scared.”

- Cailyn Mocci, Kamloops This Week

Mockus by George M. Johnson

Chimera Theatre | Kamloops, BC

“Also of note, dancing in the show — Cooper called it expressionism theatre — was bold.”

Jessica Wallace, Kamloops This Week


Chimera Theatre | Kamloops, BC

“The creative choreography of the scenes that do involve powers is engaging and as believable as can be in any superhero story.”

Maryls Klossner, The Omega

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Chimera Theatre | Kamloops, BC

“Chimera Theatre’s rendition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a chilling look at the dark downsides of science. The production will leave you questioning who is the true monster?”

- Cailyn Mocci, The Omega


Tranquille Tunnel Tours Theatre | Tranquille, BC

"Historically accurate and factual, the production is both informative and entertaining. Andrew G. Cooper has created an amazing, interactive tour that everyone will enjoy."

Trina Budai, The Northshore Echo


Tranquille Tunnel Tours Theatre | Tranquille, BC

"Although the atmosphere is eerie, the produc­tion is entertaining for all ages, and there are many tongue-in-cheek moments."

Maryls Klossner, The Omega

The Untold Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Victoria Fringe Festival | Victoria, BC

"The Untold Tales of the Brothers a good one; it's refreshing"

Adrian Chamberlain, The Times Colonist

The Untold Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Victoria Fringe Festival | Victoria, BC

"a mix of scholarly exposition, clever comedy and family drama...glorious."

Ed Sum,

The Untold Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Chimera Theatre | Kamloops, BC

"Cooper’s script was well-written, entertaining and funny. His untold tales were clever, inventive and creative and seemed fresh in comparison to better-known worlds like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, towing the line between funny and heart-felt."

Adam Williams, Kamloops This Week

One Day

Outskirts Theatre Festival | Nelson, BC

..."a ghostly, poignant love story that always felt larger than its two-person cast and its one-room setting."

" extremely well-crafted and acted piece of theatre."

Eli Geddis,

One Day

"Intriguing, and I was left wanting to know more."

Wendy Kelly,

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