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I've Been Nominated for THREE Audio Verse Awards!

I have been deep into the process of creating site-specific audio plays since the spring and it was recently announced that I have been nominated for three Audio Verse Awards for my work on Jupiter Theatre's (exp)lore series!

The series wracked up a total of ten nominations at the annual awards that recognize excellence in audio fiction around the world. As the creator of (exp)lore, I was nominated for best New Audio Play Production and I was nominated for the Cover Art design as the director of the first episode.

Have you listened to the series yet? Episode 1 is a great place to start! You can listen to it here.

And the series is still underway! Seven episodes have been released so far and one more is coming out in December 2020. You can find the episodes where ever you normally download your podcasts.

And here is the award-nominated cover art for the (exp)lore series. If you check it out, I'd love to know what you think. Reach out to me and tell me about your experience with the stories.

PS - Did you know that I have a newsletter? You can sign up for it to get the latest updates from me and more news on my most recent work. Check it out here.


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