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I'm Puppeting in a new Music Video by Elle Celeste

Last summer I worked as a puppeteer on a new music video and it's just been released! I had the pleasure of inhabiting the persona of the one and only Amy Winehouse. "Call On Me", the new single by Elle Celeste, has just dropped. Give it a watch and check out her channel for more.

The puppets, depicting icons Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin, were made by the amazing Brendan James Boyd and Reese Scott and brought to life by Jen Bain and yours truly.

Amy Winehouse Janis Joplin Puppets Call on Me Elle Celeste Music Video

Here's what the artist says about the song: "The song, Call on Me, is about the struggle in helping those suffering from depression. I wrote this song from the narrative of someone who feels helpless as they watch their friend spiral into addictive behavior, although I have experienced both sides. It is difficult to watch someone close hit rock bottom. This topic is heavy! I wanted to lighten the mood with the use of puppets and a psychedelic dreamscape feel. My vision of this music video was brought to fruition by the talented, patient, and delightfully creative Hans Grossman. Thank you, Calgary Arts Development for your support in my project, and many other Calgary-based artists."

Amy Winehouse Puppet Call on Me Elle Celeste Music Video


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