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Calgary Puppeteer Collective Take Off!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Last week, I began the first major stage of development for a new puppet film project that I'm undertaking with the newly formed Calgary Puppeteer Collective. During that time, I spoke with CBC Calgary, Global Calgary, and the Edmonton Journal about our time on Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock. DerRic Starlight along with a few other local puppeteers spoke with the media as well. Last week I talked to CBC Calgary with DerRic Starlight about an upcoming puppet film project that we're undertaking with Calgary-based puppeteer! "It's fantasy and science fiction and magic. It's set on another world, so it's very adventurous. And we're going to be filming it later this year." You can also see me puppeteering with Kit Kat (and others) in the video!

You can see me leading puppet dance choreo and playing around with my puppet Kit Kat in this video from Global Calgary:

Finally, I spoke with the Edmonton Journal along with DerRic Starlight and Brendan James Boyd about our experience on Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock (and the Foo Fighters!) And we teased a bit about two other exciting new puppet projects that we have coming up!

"They’ve also been discussing general puppet plans for both a sci-fi/fantasy film to be used as a pilot for young viewers and another series for adult audiences. This, of course, while waiting breathlessly to see if a second Fraggle season is ordered by Apple."

Brendan James Boyd, DerRic Starlight, Andrew G. Cooper - Calgary Puppeteer Collective


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