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The Robber Bridegroom is Touring Across Western Canada This Summer!

Well, the world premiere run of The Robber Bridegroom by the Brothers Grimm (adapted by the Chimera Theatre Ensemble) is finished. The show ran for eleven performances in Kamloops and Calgary and was met with enthusiasm in both cities! This show has meant a great deal to me and I'm so thankful to have gotten the chance to work and play with so many wonderful collaborators, designers, performers, and puppeteers!

If you're interested in reading a bit about the show in the press, we've got some previews about the piece here: Calgary Herald, Kamloops This Week, InfoNews Kamloops, The Omega, and CFJC TV. I also spoke on the CFJC Midday show about the production!

Now, why might you be interested in reading about this show if we've already closed? Because we're taking the show on tour around Western Canada this summer with Chimera Theatre! We're going to be touring this fabulous show to Fringe Festivals in three provinces in July - September 2019! We will be performing at the Regina International Fringe Theatre Festival, Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, and Vancouver Fringe Festival!

So if you know anyone who is in Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, or Regina, tell them about our show! The show has a bit of a secret though, so decide if you'd like to tell them about the show's ending. If you're interested in reading about that ending, you can find out a bit more in the review from Kamloops This Week.

Without giving too much away, if you did see the show you might be interested in a bit of a statistic that we kept track of over the course of our run. In total, we had seven performances that were interrupted and four performances that were not. That means 63.6% of audiences took part in the ending of the show and 36.4% didn't.

If you have opinions, ideas, thoughts, or comments about the show (especially its ending), I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. We're going to continue to keep track of this during our Fringe tour, so stay tuned for updates!

For now, look out for more on this haunting puppet show as we get closer to the summer! I'm very excited to see how this show continues to grow with each new rendition of it.

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