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The Robber Bridegroom at Chimera Theatre

Brittney Martens and Melissa Purcha. Set by Jared Raschke. Costumes by Maddison Hartloff.

The Robber Bridegroom opens at Chimera Theatre in Kamloops this week! We're so excited to load this amazing puppet show into the Pavilion Theatre next week and then travel to Calgary the following week.

Having the opportunity to devise and create a new show is such a blessing and I've thoroughly enjoyed the process. It's been a lot of hard work, but the show has really come together and I'm excited to see how audiences react to it over the coarse of our run. We've combined rod puppetry, shadow puppetry, and physical theatre to make a play that's part puppet show, part immersive theatre, and even part improvised. I truly think it's going to be a play/experience that audiences in Kamloops haven't seen before and I'm excited to bring a production like this to the audiences in Calgary!

The show runs January 23rd to 26th at the Pavilion Theatre in Kamloops.


Then we run January 30th to February 2nd at Vertigo Theatre in Calgary.

Info: www.theatrejupitercom/robberbridegroom

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