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DISPATCH is Premiering in Ontario This Week!

After placing in the final four for New Vintage Theatre's 2019 Black Cat Cabaret Playwriting Competition this past February, my latest 10-minute play Dispatch will be receiving its world premiere this week in Newmarket, Ontario! This is the first of my plays to be produced in Ontario and I'm very excited that a new market (see what I did there?) of people are able to take in my work.

The Newmarket National 10 Minute Play Festival was founded in 2017 and this is its third year of operation. According to their website: "Twenty-four original ten-minute plays are packaged into four “pods” of six shows playing at Newmarket's newly refurbished Old Town Hall Theatre. Plays are selected from submissions sent in from across the nation and from Canadian writers living around the world."

The festival officially begins today (July 22nd) and runs until July 28th, 2019 and Dispatch opens this Thursday. I'm so excited that four actors and an incredible director are going to be bringing this script to life on stage. It's an honour to be produced alongside playwrights from across the country.

Dispatch explores the work of one of the unseen heroes of our cities: an Emergency Communications Officer. They are there when your worst nightmares come to life and listen when your world comes crashing down…but what is it like on the other side of a 9-1-1 call?

You can read more about my play, and the other 23 performing in the festival, HERE. If you're in Toronto or the area around Newmarket, make sure you go and check out my play in the festival!


I'm fringing this summer! I've been on the road with Chimera Theatre's The Robber Bridegroom for the last four weeks and it's been such an incredible experience. We have had so much positive response to this show in the cities we've been to. Last week we were in Regina, SK and I'm currently in Winnipeg, MB and I am in love with the Fringe here. I was so excited when we announced we'd be touring Western Canada with this puppet show and it's been even more wonderful that I'd hoped it would be. We've seen so many incredible (and some not so incredible) pieces of theatre and it's making me even more inspired to keep writing and creating.

It's been a pleasure to revisit this show after its run in Kamloops and Calgary and to continue to develop and fine tune it. After we're done in Winnipeg, we're heading out to Victoria and Vancouver, BC! So if you know people in those cities, let them know about our show at the fringe!

PS - It's my birthday today and I can't think of a better way to be spending it than watching theatre at a Fringe Festival and having another festival that's producing one of my plays open in Ontario.

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